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Avocados Benefits for Health, Skin and Hair

Among the ample number of natural products provided to us by nature, most of them have the important nutrients that is needed by the body but then there are only a handful of them that are more of super foods and healthy for the body, skin and hair. No matter what use you bring these to, it will always be helpful for the health. These super foods should definitely be invested in, for maximum outcomes. It is bound to give you innumerable advantages in hand that you are going to love. Avocados are one such very good example that is a super food without any question. This is a fruit with yellow and ripe pulp with a green skin. Along with adding huge amounts and variety of nutrients in the form of benefits to the body, the delicious sweet and tart taste only adds to the experience.

This versatile fruit is a gift from Mother Nature and the silkiness of the pulp gives an enhanced eating experience. A love affair with avocados is only going to give you advantages in hand. Make sure the relationship is smooth and you adhere to them each day for visible results. There are more than 25 essential nutrients present in avocados that make it one of the healthiest ones among the rest. It surely keeps various health ailments away along with providing good health to the skin and the hair. To know more about this magical fruit, you need to definitely go through the list below:

Delicious Avocados for Health

1. For Healthy Heart

The levels of vitamin B6 and folic acid make avocados the right food for a healthy heart. Vitamin E, monounsaturated fats and glutathione also helps in achieving this goal. It is important to include an avocado in the diet each day to ensure a freedom from the risks of heart diseases that one is usually prone to. Starting from heart attacks to strokes and other cardiovascular problems can be kept under ideal control with this super food.

2. To Lower LDL (Bad Cholesterol)

There are compounds in avocados known as beta-sitosterol which works very effectively when it comes to flushing out the bad cholesterol from the body. For this goal, you will need to add at least one avocado in the daily diet. It is bound to give you desired outcomes along with the fact that low cholesterol also aids in healthy body and heart. With growing problems of bad cholesterol in a lot of people, this is one benefit you would want to achieve.

3. Blood Pressure Control

The good levels of potassium in avocados is what helps in reaching this benefit for the body in a hassle free way. If you are someone who often has high blood pressure issues, then there is nothing better than eating some avocados throughout the week. It will surely help you reduce the hypertension in a natural manner.

4. For Good Eye Sight and Health

Carotenoid Lutein is one of the chemicals present in avocados that are known by professionals to avoid issues of cataracts as well as macular degeneration. These are all problems of the eyes that come along with old age and one needs to stay away from them as much as possible. This is possible through consumption of avocados.

5. Treats Inflammation

Did you know that inflammation is one of the common health crises that can occur in any part of the body? Are you aware of the fact that you need to ensure anti inflammatory foods in the diet that can treat them? Avocados is one of the top such foods and perfect for treating problems of inflammation. This is specifically present in the phytonutrients called flavanoids and polyphenols.

6. For Combating Diabetes

The healthy fats in avocados also known as monounsaturated fats help in reversing the resistance of the body to insulin. This is one hormone responsible for diabetes in the body. Along with this, the soluble fiber content in the fruit helps in regulating the blood sugar levels in a perfect way and thus keeps diabetes under control.

7. Prevention of Cancer

Among the deadly diseases, one of the top ones comes in the form of cancer for which we still haven’t found a 100 percent guaranteed cure. However, prevention is always better than cure and to prevent this disease, avocados are going to help you in an ideal way. The oleic acid in the fruit prevents breast cancer as well as prostate cancer.

8. Destroys the Free Radicals

There are free radicals in the body known to cause damage to the cells of the skin and the body. Glutathione is one of the powerful antioxidants in avocados that helps in destroying these free radicals and keeps the overall well being of the body intact. It is one important benefit of the fruit.

9. Nutrient Absorption

Have you ever thought that what is the point of nutrient intake if the body has low ability to absorb it for the various benefits? Yes, you need foods that help in increasing the levels if nutrient absorption along with those that provides the essential nutrients. Avocados are one such food that fulfils both the ends mentioned here. This is especially valid for nutrients like lycopene and beta carotene.

10. Helps in Weight Gain

About 100 grams of avocados have 200 calories for the body. This makes it a perfectly perfect food for those want to gain calories and weight. The best part here is that it has healthy fats and won’t really harm the body or bring unhealthy weight gain.

Skin Benefits of Ripe Avocados

11. Adds Nourishment to Skin

Avocados as we all know by now have huge amounts of vitamins and minerals along with antioxidants. These nutrients helps in providing the much needed nourishment to the skin and makes it hydrated, soft, supple and smooth. It ensures that the skin is moisturized from within and there are no issues of drying, itching or peeling. Overall, it promotes skin care and keeps infections and problems away.

12. Anti Ageing Qualities

By destroying the free radicals as mentioned above, the avocados help in keeping away any permanent damage on the skin that might otherwise be caused. This helps in keeping away issues like fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes and dark spots that are all signs of damage as well as ageing. This ensures that avocados have anti ageing properties of the skin and keeps it firm, youthful and elastic for a longer duration of time if taken on a regular basis.

13. Adds Glow to the Skin

There is hardly anyone out there who does not desire to have glow on the skin. To ensure that you achieve that in a simple and easy manner, all you need to do is include avocados not only in your diet but also in the various homemade face packs. It will give visible results in a couple of weeks.

Additional Benefits of Avocados

14. Serves as an Aphrodisiac

As an interesting benefit, avocados serve as an aphrodisiac. In simple terms, it helps in enhancing the sexual performance by working positive results on the sexual drive of the person. It helps in improving the blood circulation to the genital areas. Along with this, it ensures minerals like potassium that helps in proper secretion of the sexual hormones and give you the climax that you always desired for. It is one of the best benefits that couples look forward to in avocados.

15. Helps in Nourishing Hair

Applied as a hair mask with banana, avocados helps in nourishing the scalp and the hair strands and provide proper hydration and moisture to it. This helps in proper protection to the hair and also prevents it from drying out. Overall, hair health is maintained and one stays away from problems like hair loss, breakage, split ends and dandruff that is caused with the lack of nutrients in the hair.

16. Adds to the Flavour

For those who include avocados to food and dishes like salads, sushi and more will know that this delicious, ripe and sweet and tart fruit only adds to the flavour and enhances the taste. Along with such ample number of benefits for the body and the skin, it only ensures that you don’t have to compromise on the taste. The culinary benefits of avocados are perfect and one that you should look forward to.

17. Natural Sunscreen

Another of the exclusive benefits that comes along with the application and consumption of avocados and the use in the form of oil is the natural sunscreen benefits. One should know that avocados help in protecting the skin from UV rays of the sun. It treats all issues related to the rays as well in the form of sunburns and rashes. This helps in keeping the skin and hair free from sun damage.

These are some of the top notch benefits of the ‘super food’ we all know as avocados. It is easily accessible in the market and the price is worth the amount of benefits it brings along. One should know that only regular use will give the above mentioned benefits in hand.