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Basic Make up Tips Every Woman Should Know About!

Are you one of those women who love to look beautiful and have a flawless appearance? Do you often feel that you deserve a more attractive face? Beauty is something that has been a significant aspect for women from time immemorial. You must have heard about Cleopatra who was the epitome of beauty. Now, if you are one of the women out of the millions who desire to achieve beauty, then one of the best ways is through makeup. It is an instant gratification of women who wants to look beautiful without waiting for results. With some make up ideas and products, you can easily hide the flaws of the skin and make it smooth, attractive and glowing.

Apart from knowing about the top products that you should always have in your pocket, it is also essential for every woman to understand the makeup application tips for successful results. It is not enough to invest in good quality cosmetics but also get some time out from your schedule to understand how you should use them in the perfect possible manner. For this purpose and attainment of goals, some professionals have laid down the basic makeup tips and suggestions for the convenience of the fairer sex. These basic tips are something that every woman should know about! This guide is completely dedicated to giving you the information in this regard and helps you with the desired beauty instantly.

1. Clean the Face

The first basic step that you need to follow for a successful make up result is to clean the face well from the accumulated dirt and oil. Usually if this step is skipped it leads to darkness on the face after a while of makeup application. It is important to create a healthy and dirt free base to ensure that the makeup stays fresh and attractive for longer periods of time. Use a mild face wash to clean the pores well and remove the sebum and dirt. Once this is done, pat dry the skin well before going on to the next basic suggestion for makeup.

2. Moisturizing is Important

To ensure that you don’t face issues of dryness that will make the skin flaky and might even show off peeling skin later on, it is important to use a good moisturizer on the face. This will make the skin surface smooth as well as supple. Giving yourself a clean and soft slate to work on will only make the makeup glow and make you look beautiful. This is another basic step prior to starting the makeup application that you need to keep in mind.

3. The Importance of Foundation

Foundation is the magical potion that helps in not only making the skin tone even but also hiding a lot of marks and spots on the face. It provides full coverage to the skin of the face and ensures that a smooth surface is available for the makeup. A foundation brush should be used for the purpose. Dab the foundation in certain areas of the face and then using the brush blend it well into the skin. The brush direction should be downwards and outwards for best results. A sponge can also be used for application. Jaw and hair line areas should be given special attention. Cream based foundation is perfect for dry skin and dry weathers whereas liquid or powder based foundation should be used for oily skin and for humid weathers. Do not forget to choose the foundation that matches your natural skin tone. This will avoid the fake fairness that makes the makeup ugly.

4. Concealer Use

For dark and very stubborn marks on the face, there is nothing better than applying concealer in small areas of the face after the use of foundation. This will ensure that the dark circles and spots are completely covered and cannot be seen. Concealer brushes are available to ensure smooth and hassle free use and to avoid your fingers on the face that might leave behind dirt and bacteria. Make sure you smoothen it out well and no patches are seen on the face.

5. Loose Powder/Compact is a Must

To set the foundation and the concealer in place, the best thing you can do is use a compact or some loose powder on the skin that again matches you skin tone. Use a puff to apply loose powder on the face followed by a brushing off the excess. This will keep the foundation in place for long hours and give you a natural and prolonged lasting glow.

6. Work on the Eye Lashes

It is a myth that most women are born with lush and long eye lashes. However, it is easily achievable with the use of waterproof and voluminous mascara. Work on both the upper and the lower eye lashes and do it twice for best results. Choose a mascara from a good brand and also make sure the brush is such that it even reaches the edges of the lashes and give you excellent outcomes. Never use a mascara that is more than three months old.

7. Eye Liner Use

Eye liner not only makes the eyes look bigger and beautiful but also adds to the highlighting aim that you have for the eyes. Starting from the inner corner of the eye lashes move outside with a smooth and thin stroke. This will give you a clean and beautiful finish. Liquid eye liners are the best choice to make but for those who do not find it convenient to use, eye pencils and markers are also available. Eye liners are available in different colours like blue, green, brown and black but for daily purpose, black is the best choice.

8. Eye Shadow Application for Adding Colour

One of the main rules that you need to remember is that choosing light shades will help you bring an illusion of size to the eyes whereas dark shades will help you add dimension to them. For large eyes dark colours are recommendable and for small eyes lighter shades are perfect. Make sure you use the foundation and compact on the lids as well to avoid creasing of the eye shadow. Have three shade combination and blend them well while using. Do not use it in a way where each of the colours stands out. To make the eyes more dramatic, use some of the eye shadow on the lower eye lashes and only 1/3 of the area starting from the outer corner.

9. For the Lips

One rule of basic makeup is to make the lip makeup subtle if you are planning to highlight the eyes and vice versa. For simple everyday lipstick application, make a fine line with the lip liner on the borders of the lips and then fill in the colour you desire to use. One can complete the look with a little gloss. This adds shine to the lips and makes them attractive. For something like office wear, matte lipstick application is advisable and without gloss.

10. Blush it Up!

Add some colours to the cheeks if you have a pale complexion. Use a blush brush and apply some powder blush onto the apple of the cheeks. The remaining colour can be dabbed gently on the chin. Make sure you don’t overdo this step especially if you want the blush to have a natural look.

11. Highlight the Brows

A lot of women are not born with dark brows but for makeup it is important to highlight the brows to add sharpness to the features. Along with keeping it in shape, make sure you use a brow pencil on your hair colour to add a tinge of highlight that is natural and enhances the beauty.

12. Have The Brushes Ready

As you must have seen that each makeup product is applied with either a brush or a sponge. Make sure you have a complete set and you clean it well after use to avoid formation of bacteria on the bristles. Use good quality brushes for the purpose of getting good results and keeping the skin healthy. Various makeup kits and brush sets are available in the market for your convenience.

13. Never Sleep With Makeup On

Along with knowing how to apply makeup, it is also important to know that removing every bit of makeup residue is important before you go off to sleep. This will ensure that the ill effects of the chemicals in the makeup do not damage the skin cells permanently and neither causes problems of breakouts and acne. By using a good makeup remover, you will also help the pores to breathe again. One can buy the removers available in the market or else use natural products like baby oil for the purpose. It is one idea that you should never ever skip if you want to stay away from skin problems.

These are some of the basic tips, ideas and suggestions for makeup that every woman should know about. This will help her achieve glorious results. Certain changes in the makeup can be made according to the occasion that you are dressing up for.