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Facts about Permanent Make Up

Are you one of those women who desire to look beautiful? Do you know that beauty comes with the fact how flawless and glowing the skin is? Are you aware of some of the instant ways in which you can actually achieve beauty for the not-so-perfect skin? Yes, it’s true! None of us or at least most of us are born with some or the other issues with the skin and the overall appearance making it almost difficult to achieve that desired look that can make heads turn. Professionals keep on finding new ways in which the women can feel satiated where beauty is concerned. One of such ways is makeup. Temporary makeup on one hand is instant and provides immediate gratification to women in the form of attraction and beauty.

On the other hand, those who are not happy and neither wants the stress to put on the makeup every day before stepping out of the house finally plans to opt for laser makeup also known as permanent makeup. (Though the effects fade and we can’t really call it permanent, can we? I guess, prolonged makeup would be a better term to use). In any case, let’s go with the popular term ‘permanent makeup’. It is a big decision to take for sure and therefore one should know the important facts about it.

The guide below will give you all the significant dos, don’ts and the information on permanent makeup that you should have a knowledge about before you can move ahead and take the step of permanent makeup on the face!

Permanent Makeup Information Guide

Get a Consultation

Before the main day of getting permanent makeup done, it is advised that the person takes an appointment with the professional for a consultation session. This will not only help you come on comfortable grounds with the technician but also help in discussing the precautions, dos and don’ts, safety measures and all the additional information related to the technique. They will also guide you about the preparations you need to make from your end where the next day schedule of permanent makeup is concerned.

Permanent Makeup Causes Infections

Another of the important facts that needs to be a part of your knowledge is that permanent makeup makes the skin highly prone to infections. It has the same risks as in the case of tattoos people get made on the skin. This is valid for both the needles as well as the ink used on the skin. This is one thing that should be a part of the deciding factor whether you want permanent makeup or not!

Cheap Doesn’t Mean Good

Yes, permanent makeup can come in a variety of rates and there are even options where you get cheap and affordable rates for getting it done. However, BEWARE! Cheap doesn’t mean that is ensures good quality? The cheapest places might end up giving you worst results in hand. Make sure money is not a factor you run after where this important process is concerned.

Natural Look is recommended

Would you want to get a permanent green eyeliner on the eyes? I don’t think so! Among the various important facts of permanent makeup, one that you need to surely note down mentally is that it should be as natural as possible. Do not go for out of the box colours or different makeup ideas that won’t work in the day to day life.

Give Priority to Comfort

In case, during the process of permanent makeup you feel uneasy or are not comfortable, stop the technique immediately. People do complain that even after feeling uncomfortable, they never really stopped because of embarrassment. Make sure you do not make the same mistake. Stop the moment you do not feel alright with the procedure.

It Will FADE

Natural fading of the permanent makeup is the biggest reality check that you need to come in contact with. No matter what, the external factors and the elements the skin is exposed to will surely lighten the permanent makeup. However, there are some things you can do to keep this under control. Application of sunscreen before stepping out of the house, using Vaseline before entering the swimming pool and preventing exfoliation of the face are some of the dos and don’ts you need to keep in mind.

It’s not Good Riddance

The bad news? Permanent makeup fades but does not go away completely. It is not one of the techniques that you get up one morning and get good riddance from! Complete removal is almost out of the question though a few sessions of laser treatment might lighten them to an extent. Also, you won’t really be able to use the laser treatment for removal near the eyes and the eyelids.

Not Advisable for Old People

Those women who are undergoing the process of ageing, should know that using permanent makeup on the skin will only take a longer time to heal in their case. Along with the regular session of permanent makeup, it will also need the regular touch ups that again calls for some healing.

Touch Ups are Important

You should know, that to keep the essence of permanent makeup and to maintain the attraction that the process calls for, it is important to use touch ups every 4-8 weeks. Touch ups should be done by the same technician who actually carried out the main process in your case. They will know what you want and how you want it. Also, touch ups will add a new life to the face each time you get it done.

On the contrary, there are some expenses attached with touch ups and one needs to go through healing of the skin again.

Patch Test is Important

Permanent makeup calls for uses of chemicals on the face. This only means that it can lead to allergic reactions. You need to tell your technician to opt for a patch test. This will help you understand whether your skin is able to take the technique or not. In case there is any issue with patch test done on the hands, then the process should be stopped immediately.