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Top 10 Makeup Brands Around the Globe

Makeup for always has been one of the biggest boons to the fairer sex. Starting from the times of kings and queens, when makeup products were made from natural herbs and plants to the times of Cleopatra who was one of the most beautiful queens and enhanced her beauty with makeup, there has been hardly any woman who does not rely on this aspect for hiding the flaws. Makeup is actually one of the instant ways in which a woman can achieve beauty and hide the simple marks and spots on the skin. In fact, it also hides the dark circles, uneven skin tone, acne and pimples or any other skin problems.

The importance of makeup and the right makeup products can only be well understood by a woman. However, with increasing demand as well as awareness of using makeup, more and more brands are trying to get into the rat race. No matter how many companies are ready to offer you a variety of makeup products, it is significant for you to know that not all of them are reliable. Makeup is applied on the skin for the entire day and for that matter, one needs to choose a brand that can give their skin the protection from damage along with offering only good quality.

To know which brands among the innumerable one are trustworthy for buying and investing in makeup products, this guide will help you out. You will be pleasantly surprised to know how well the guide below can help you in picking the right one from the list of top 10 makeup brands around the globe. All you need to do is read through and make your pick according to the suitability, accessibility and price of the branded items.

1. Clinique

Want to know which was the first ever brand that came up with some great and quality cosmetics? It was none other than Clinique. The USP of the company is to prepare skin products and cosmetics that are free from any kinds of allergies. In fact, most of the dermatologists prefer women using this brand of makeup products. It is definitely popular among not only the common people but also among celebrities. Another of the benefits associated with the brand is that they manufacture makeup products depending on the region of the world and the specific requirements of skin according to the climate of the place. You can consider products from Clinique without any second thoughts and the investment is definitely worth it!

2. MAC Cosmetics

MAC is the short form for Makeup Art Cosmetics. The exclusive and diverse range of products that MAC covers is definitely something that will catch your attention. The products from MAC are used by all even the celebrities and known people and it satisfies the needs of people from all class. The range of makeup is such that it suits the style of every person who relies on it. Quality is just outstanding and worth every aspect to be mentioned among the top 10 makeup brands around the globe. The accessibility of the MAC products is something that you don’t have to worry about. It is available in the nearest store as well!

3. Lancome

Lancome is one of the French brands of cosmetics and makeup products and definitely fulfil all the aspects of a quality makeup brand that makes it a part of the top 10. The brand is originally owned by L’Oreal and distributes all its products around the globe. Along with makeup, Lancome also works in amazing fragrances and skin care products. The products might be over the top expensive but quality and style comes with a price tag isn’t it? It is definitely one brand that is reviwed well not only by the common population but equally by celebrities. There is not a single doubt in the fact that it is a top makeup brand.

4. Maybelline New York

This is one of the emerging makeup brands but has become an all time favourite among the young pretty girls who want to add natural makeup on a daily basis and in an affordable and pocket friendly manner. Also, Maybelline New York products are considered perfect for those who want last minute touch ups for their makeup or a quick makeup session. The popularity of the brand in the various regions of the world definitely makes it a part of this list that you are reading. Maybelline New York only adds to the bag of benefits by giving you products to get a young and peppy look. Their colours are lively and something that works perfectly for day makeup. The huge range gives you quite a variety to choose from.

5. Estee Lauder

This is one cosmetic brand that is known for helping men as well as women for all their beauty and cosmetics need. Apart from huge range of good quality makeup products, they have skin care, fragrance and shampoos as well that can work wonders for good results. The makeup products from this brand are sold in almost 150 countries around the globe and this makes it quite a demand among the population. There is not a single doubt that you can consider makeup products from Estee Lauder especially its foundation.

6. Urban Decay

It was in the year 1996, when Urban Decay came into being but today it has covered all the aspects of being one of the top notch makeup brands in the world. They have definitely covered a huge population in such a short time and this makes them extremely successful as a company. The good quality and the excellent results add on to the list of benefits you can expect from this brand. The eye makeup, shadow pencils, naked makeup and palate are some of the things from Urban Decay that you should definitely owe in your makeup kit.

7. Oriflame

One of the Swedish companies, Oriflame is a brand that has taken over major areas and regions of the globe and met the needs of most of their customers successfully to reach where they are today. Along with makeup products, personal care products, accessories and nutritional products are also available at Oriflame. There are 60 countries where the products are available and the wide range of products gives it a strong position in the international market. Best ingredients and extracts from natural products are used to create each of the makeup items. The affordable rates and package is a complete turn on for those who have a budget to follow!

8. L’Oreal

There is hardly anyone out there who uses makeup and does not know about the brand popularly known as L’Oreal. In fact, according to the reviewers, they are the biggest manufacturers of cosmetics today and the maximum sale of makeup is contributed towards this brand. There are more than 500 products that are available at L’Oreal and along with this they have about 20 makeup companies that belong to them but works as a new name. The trustworthiness, the affordable rates and ideal advertisement has given them the position that they truly deserve. Their tagline goes perfectly well for the users as well as for the company: ‘Because you are worth it’

9. Avon

An American brand of cosmetics, Avon is again one of the prevalent and the most popular of the makeup products manufacturer. The products from Avon are available in almost 140 countries and are ranked the 5th largest makeup companies in the world. Along with beauty care products, personal skin care and household items are also available. Along with affordability a unique combination of a glam look is also available with the use of the products. In one word, the results are just ‘excellent’ and will make heads turn when you put them and step out of the house.

10. Revlon

As one of the oldest cosmetic brand in the world, Revlon truly deserves a place in the top 10 famous makeup brands. Along with cosmetics, skin care and hair care products are also manufactured at Revlon for a complete convenience and package for the users. Nail enamel was the first thing they manufactured and it stills a hot favourite among millions of women around the globe. The quality of the Revlon products is such that it meets the needs and the desired of all the users. Affordability is another of the strong factors that is associated with this brand. Creativity and femininity are two of the main keywords that can describe Revlon in a simple and uncomplicated manner.

These are the top 10 brands and you can consider any one of them without any second thoughts. The quality and reliability on these 10 makeup brands mentioned above is something that you will never regret later. It is bound to give you results for your beauty that you always craved for. Make sure you plan well so that you do not end up wasting money on the same product from different brands.