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Top 10 universities for world class abroad study programs

When it is about education you have to prove yourself on each step where your first step is a recognized school as it is your root and you learn the most out of there. Your all future is inclined on a single point which is your knowledge as it is the one which will take you towards new points. Since competition is too high and everyone is focused on one single thing that is getting admission in a good recognized university, planning is the only partner to you which can make you win in the race.

However when higher education and good education comes in conversation you might have to explore many options abroad and insight as there are many recognized universities in the world that could really give you a platform to shine.
In this post I will be listing out some of the proven universities that are famous worldwide and good for all courses.

Harvard University

This institute named after John Harvard and established in 1636 is a recognized university worldwide. Students from this university are always in high demand everywhere and the campus recruitments too are paid very high. This university is ranked amongst the top on all scales which are teaching, research and reputation and is amongst the oldest institutes in North America. Once admitted in this university students get a lot of opportunities to travel around the globe and a chance to prove themselves in the field of research.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Well this university has the highest ratio of students studying architecture and planning, humanities, arts and social sciences and many more. MIT was started in 1861 and since then it is the world recognized university. People from all over the world study in this university because of its research technologies which are world-changing like high speed photography, engineering practical microwave radar and many more. Well getting selection in this university is tough as you really have to be good in your educational background.

University of Cambridge

This university was established by the Oxford scholars in 1209 and since then it is doing wonders. This university has 18,300 students enrolled and staff faculties around 8,500. Students from the University of Cambridge work on completely new, exclusive and diverse ideas. Cambridge university give students a freedom of though and expression and develops a questioning spirit as that they mark up new statistics.

University of Oxford

This university recognized for inventing the college life is from the time of twenty-fifth British prime ministers. This university is amongst the top three universities that are recognized worldwide with its 12000 undergraduates, 38 colleges and six permanent private residence halls and not only this, this university is the first in the English speaking world. Tutorial system by this university is recognized all over the world.

University of California, Berkeley

This university is the founder of Vitamin E, a lost Scarlatti, the flu virus and much more. Well with these terms you can recognize what would be the grade of this university. Students from this university are pioneers in agriculture, technology, and the environment as well as medicine. This university has its 10 colleges and is a wonderful platform for researchers. This university has about 220,000 students and more than 170,000 faculties from which you can easily make out that in how much demand students of this university must be.

Stanford University

This university by railway tycoon Leland Stanford in remembrance of his son was founded in 1891. After Harvard this is the one in selection. Admission in this university is too high as it accepts only 7 percent of applicants and this university has relationships with famous corporate giants like Google and HP (Hewlett-Packard). This university is amongst the third richest university and the students here are really innovative and creative.

Princeton University

This university by the heart of American academic life is one of the smallest private levy leaguers but boast 30 Nobel laureates among its past faculty and alumni. This university is the fourth oldest university in the United States and students studying in this university are provided with the highest levels of distinction in the discovery and understanding. The coolest thing is its financial aid program that makes this university affordable to every student who is from a good economic background.

University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

This university known for its cinematic magnet was established in 1919. This university has around 26000 staff and 38,500 students and forms a big university of the world. Students from this university also are recognized worldwide and are in highly demand because they are not among the few ones in knowledge but truly good athletes too. This university is close to Hollywood so you can make how much fun it could be for you to study.

The University of Tokyo

This university founded in 1877 under the “open door” policy of the Meiji Emperor was soon renamed as Imperial University but reverted to the original one in 1945. This university with its 12 graduate schools is amongst the top 10 universities of the world and the first national university in japan. It has eleven institutes that really have good research phenomena such as cosmic rays and earthquakes. One common name of this university is “Todai” an abbreviation from the Japanese characters.

Yale University

This is the third oldest university in the United States and has nurtured five US presidents and 17 Supreme Court Justices. This university has a huge library section that contains 12.5 million books in its 24 libraries. Students get diversified knowledge and as I said this university have produced five US presidents you can think how much demand students in this university have around the world.


Education plays a major part in your life as it is the pin to future. So preparing for the top universities might take your too much time but the end result would be a good future or I should say assured future. You can target any of the university and prepare for it.