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Top 10 Ways to Treat Common Cold and Cough

Among the various health ailments that people can go through, you must be definitely aware about the common cold and cough. The prevalence of the common cold and cough is so high that according to professionals, each person experiences it at least 2-3 times in their lives. Well again, it is important for you to know that this illness is a sight in people from all age group, starting from new born babies to the old aged people. Common cough and cold might not be a serious threat to the body but it is definitely one that causes a lot of discomfort and hampers the daily lifestyle. It is also a strong sign that you have a weak immune system. Caused by viral infections, common cold and cough can also lead to situation of flu and influenza in extreme cases.

There is no doubt about the fact, that common cold and cough has a cycle of about 5-7 days and it takes this time to completely cure the problem from the roots. However, with simple and easy ways you can always ensure comfort from various signs and symptoms of common cold and make it tolerable for the body. Nasal congestion, throat swelling and pain, runny or blocked nose, chills, fever and mucus accumulation in the nasal passage are some of the very common signs associated with the ailment.

The good news is that will some great ideas you can fasten the recovery and also carry the daily chores without any problems. The USP of the ideas mentioned below comes in the fact that they are 100 percent safe, effective, easy to follow as well as affordable on the pocket. All you need to do is carry them on a routine basis and get visible outcomes on cold and cough.

1. Take Proper Rest

There is nothing better than using some good rest and sleep to help the body accumulate the energy to fight off the germs in the body. For those who want to treat common cold and cough should know that it is not only important to take regular naps throughout the day but also significant to take at least 8 hours of undisturbed sleep. This helps the body to combat the ailment well and fasten up the recovery. It will also give you some time off from the various signs of the cold and cough. This is definitely one of the top things to use for the achievement of the healing goals.

2. Drink Plenty of Healthy and Warm Fluids

Fluids especially water is what the 70 percent of the body is made up of. However, you must be aware that about 10-12 glasses of plain water each day helps in treatment of innumerable problems and also helps the body functions regulated. The same is valid for common cold and cough treatment. Drinking plain water along with warm healthy liquids like green tea, herbal tea, soups and broths, chicken soup and many other such fluids will ensure that the accumulated mucus thins down in the throat and the process of cure is carried in a speedy manner. It also helps in flushing out the toxins and dirt from the body along with the virus and germs causing the problem. Overall, it is one of the easiest methods to achieve treatment. Do not forget to follow it on a routine basis even after the cure to prevent the problems from reoccurring.

3. Steam Helps

A good old method that has always known to help in thinning down the mucus and thus ensure a treatment of the nasal congestion is steam. It is surely one of the simple and natural ways of getting the right cure for your ailment. The idea is to take a tub of hot water and add some eucalyptus oil to it. The steam from the tub should be inhaled well while keeping the head covered from a towel on the top. This method should be done two times in a day for getting relief from the signs of cold as well as gradual treatment. Make sure you do not go too close to the hot water or else you might end up burning the skin.

4. Warm Showers are Excellent

Another very simple and effective method of curing cough and cold is to adhere to warm showers. This again is helpful in clearing the congestion in the chest and also opens up the blocked nose. It surely helps in relaxing the muscles of the body that might be in pain because of the cough ailment. A person should take about 10-15 minutes of warm shower or a soak to reap the benefits of this idea for the treatment. This should be done two times in a day for the right outcomes. Make sure you moisturize yourself well after the shower to avoid other forms of crises like that of dry skin.

5. Have Warm Milk with Turmeric

A natural way to treat both cough as well as cold along with other symptoms like body aches and headache is quite a possibility. According to professionals and reviewers, taking a cup of warm milk with a hint of turmeric at night before sleeping will help you reach these goals. The anti inflammatory properties of turmeric are perfect for treating inflammation in the nose and the throat. This might be a gradual treatment but is one of the best ones in most of the cultures around the globe.

6. Gargle, Gargle, Gargle

Well again, it is significant for the users to know that gargling the throat is one of the top notch ideas when it comes to treatment of cough and cold. You will need to take some warm water with a pinch of salt. This saline solution is used to gargle the mouth as well as the throat. This should be done several times in a day to thin down the mucus as well as provide some compress to the sore throat. It not only treats the swelling and inflammation but also cures the mucus accumulation in an effective way. Make sure you keep following this method till the crisis is treated from the roots.

7. Honey Cure

Honey has healing properties and is also known for its qualities in anti bacterial and anti viral situations. As we all know, cough and cold is usually caused by virus or bacteria. Using honey is one of the most intelligent decisions you can make. This is valid not only because of the efficiency of the liquid but also because of easy accessibility in most homes. Raw and organic honey can be taken either with a cup of warm water or else with a little black pepper. It can also be taken with a little lemon juice. Honey can be mixed in herbal teas as well for extracting the advantage. This is bound to give you the expected results.

8. Vitamin C Rich Foods

Vitamin C is known to be one of the important nutrients as well as one of the main antioxidants that the body requires. You will be pleasantly surprised to know that vitamin C can actually help in improving the strength of the immune system. By intake of rich levels of this nutrient, you can prepare the immunity in such a way that it has enough capability to ward off the cold and cough. Try and include orange juice, lemon juice or any other citrus fruits in the diet for this purpose.

9. Ginger Wonders

Ginger has anti inflammatory properties along with anti bacterial, anti viral and anti microbial qualities. Ginger is in fact one of the super foods that is used in most home remedies for treating ample number of problems for health. The same is valid for common cold and cough as well. What more? It is also rich in vitamin C levels for dual benefit. You can use ginger in a lot of forms to take the benefits on treatment of the cold and cough. Include ginger in the dishes or else grate some ginger and suck on it. You can also take ginger juice with lemon juice and honey or else prepare a cup of fresh ginger tea for yourself. Ginger ale, ginger candies and ginger cookies can also help to a good extent. Follow this each and every day to break the cold and cough from the roots.

10. Have a Healthy Diet

In the case of any ailment, it is important to give all the required nutrients in the body so that it can function properly and help in treatment process. The same goes for curing cold and cough. One needs to ensure that they are taking proper meals and on time to give the body the strength and the energy to fight off the illness. Make sure whichever food you take is full of vitamins, minerals and even antioxidants. This will speed up the procedure of curing the common cold and cough without much effort.

These are some of the top end ways in which a lot of people have found efficient and satisfying results where the common cold and cough is concerned.