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Top 15 Simple and Easy Ways to Lose Weight

how-to-lose-weightIn today’s world, people are adhering to more and more unhealthy eating habits and lifestyles. Considering the time restrictions that a person has, less importance is given to the good health and proper body weight. In the increasing pressures of life, where on one hand people are ignoring the importance of healthy body, the significance is all the more because of inactive lifestyles. This is leading to higher rates of obesity and overweight among the population.

One has to understand, that the quote ‘health is wealth’ truly holds a lot of truth behind it. There are only a handful of people who are conscious about their body. On the other hand, overweight also makes the person have a dull personality and affects their looks and appearance. There are various fatal health conditions that are results of obesity like heart attacks and cardiovascular problems.

By sticking to simple and easy methods of losing weight, one can actually achieve their goals of what we know as a healthy body, mind and soul. To help people save their efforts for research, we bring together top 15 ideas and suggestions that can help them lose weight if followed on a routine basis. Check this guide below to know more about it:

1. Drink Good Amounts of Water


Are you someone who wants an effortless way to lose a few pounds every week? If yes, then there is nothing better than adhering to drinking lots of plain and filtered water. About 12 glasses of water each day will ensure that the body functions are regulated, the blood flow in improved and the accumulated fat is flushed out along with the toxins. This is one of the simplest, safest and most affordable ways to lose those extra pounds and flab in the body. Try it out yourself!

2. Have a Healthy Diet

Image Src: Public Domain

Image Src: Public Domain

There is nothing compared to a healthy diet when it comes to losing weight and having a perfect body. It is very important to eat healthy and nutritious meals each day to ensure that the right amount of calories are given to the body that transforms into energy and keep you fit. The meals should include high levels of protein, calcium and vitamin rich foods. Minerals are equally significant in this aspect. Incur loads of fresh and seasonal fruits and vegetables in the diet if you want to lose weight. The high levels of fibre and antioxidants will clean the system of extra fat and weight.

Along with this, it is important to cut your diet in sugars, saturated fats and junk and fried foods that only leads to extra pounds and no gain for the health. Eating burgers, fries, cakes, cookies and chips are some of the biggest mistakes you make when it comes to diet recommendations. Only a healthy diet routine can lead to achievement of goals that you so desire.

3. Sleep is Important


Not only is proper sleep important for the body to function properly and transform the calories into energy but also because sleeping is one of the exercises that helps you burn calories! Sleeping about 8-9 hours every day without any disturbance is suggested for every person. This will help in the body to stay fit and burn the fat as well as kill the extra calories by one of the most interesting activities in the form of sleeping. You are going to love following this tip.

4. Herbal and Green Tea Consumption


Green tea in simple terms is one of the magical drinks that can really help in losing weight along with a lot of other benefits for the body. According to professionals, drinking 3-4 cups of green tea each day is one of the healthiest habits that one can have for losing weight. It has hydrating properties as well as antioxidants. It also flushes the toxins and extra fat from the body. One can either have green tea or else choose from a variety of other herbal teas like chamomile or peppermint tea for the same results.

5. Smaller Meals Over Large Ones


Large meals make it really difficult to digest the food that you eat and thus results in storage of the calories in the body. It is always preferable that one takes 4-5 smaller meals are compared to 3 large meals. This helps in easy and effective digestion and thus ensures that a healthy weight is maintained along with loss of some pounds from the body.

6. Pick Stairs over Elevator


Image Src: Wello

Image Src: Wello

A simple way to lose weight is to consider taking the stairs every time you step out of the house instead of the elevator. This will definitely help in burning some more calories each day and ensure that you reach the ideal body weight soon. This is an easy way in which you can reach the goals without much difficulty.

7. Hog on Healthy Finger Foods

Image Src: Public Domain

Image Src: Public Domain

There are times when one feels hungry in between the meals. This is quite a natural thing that happens with everyone. One has to ensure that rather than eating chips, cookies and unhealthy saturated fatty foods, it is always better that one keeps some healthy finger foods in store. This will ensure that there is no extra calories added to the body and thus will enhance the aim of losing weight and preventing any chances of gaining it.

8. Cardio Vascular Exercises

Exercises that help in increasing the heart rate and cause sweat are the ones that help in losing the weight perfectly. There is nothing better than using cardiovascular exercises for this purpose. Boot camp, spinning and kickboxing are some of the perfect examples to use. This should be followed for 30 minutes each day for top notch outcomes. Make sure you either hit the gym or have a proper trainer to guide you in the right direction. This might not be an easy way but is definitely one of the most efficient ones.

9. Healthy Substitutes

A simple way to lose weight is to substitute healthy options from the ones that are incurred in our daily routine and we don’t know how much weight gain it brings along. For example white rice should be substituted with brown rice and paste with multi grain pasta. Again, white bread should be changed with brown bread. These simple changes will bring a lot of difference in the body weight gain and loss.

10. Fat Releasing Foods

There are some specific foods that help in releasing fat from the body and thus bring a loss in body weight. These foods are very specific ones and a combination of 2-3 should be included in the daily diet for best results. Honey, shrimp, eggs, ricotta cheese and dark chocolate are some of the examples that belong to this category and should be eaten on a regular basis for visible outcomes in a month.

11. Have Breakfast Like a King

Image Src: Public Domain

Image Src: Public Domain

It is a myth that most of the people believe that one should eat less in breakfast to maintain a healthy body weight. However, this stereotype is completely wrong. One should have breakfast like a king and should at least intake 300 calories. This will make you feel less hungry for the rest of the day and ensure that you eat less. It is especially valid in situations where you have cereals and oats for breakfast that gives a feeling of fullness for long hours.

12. Quit Smoking


Quitting smoke is a necessary step that one needs to take when it comes to losing weight. According to many users, breaking the habit of smoking helped them lose about 30-35 pounds in the gap of three months. This is one of the simple and effortless things to do.

13. Have Good Sex

This is an interesting way to get through your goals in a happy and effortless way. Sex is one of the exercises that are known to keep a person active and burn calories. For those who want to lose weight, indulging in good and regular sex is one of the habits that they will happily agree and accept. You are bound to get effective and visible results in a few months.

14. Do Household Chores

Adding household chores like doing the dishes and cleaning the wardrobe helps in exercising the body well. 1-2 of such chores should be included in the daily routine to burn some good amount of calories that will help lose weight in the long run. This can also be in the form of wiping and cleaning the house. Along with a benefit of weight loss it will also help you give a clean house.

15. Go For Walks


45 minutes of power walks each day is a great way to stay fit and burn calories that will help lose weight. This is one of the top notch ways to lose weight and get great results. Walking can also be substituted sports like swimming, tennis or anything else that you like for reducing the weight.