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Top Benefits of Ginger

Ginger is among those natural food products that are provided with a huge range of uses as well as benefits. One has to actually understand and use ginger in the daily lifestyle to experience the diverse benefits that it has in store. Apart from ginger being used as ginger root, you can always make use of ginger powder as well for almost the same advantages. Along with the good side of ginger that are so many in numbers, the best part is that the users don’t have to compromise on the taste. You can always prepare ginger tea, ginger ale, ginger cookies and even ginger candies to get the same outcomes for health.

If we see the history of ginger, it dates back to at least 2000 years and was grown in the western countries from where it was exported to other places in a preserved form. Today, not only in ginger used in a variety of cuisines all around the globe especially Asian, it is also served in the pickle form as an accompaniment. Along with a lot of nutrients in the form of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, ginger also has enzymes that can help in achieving a lot of goals for the body and the mind. In fact, essential oils of ginger are also extracted to prepare the concentrated form for a lot of uses. Ginger is no doubt one of the super foods and herbs that you can have at home. To know why, check the guide below that will give you a lot of reasons.

1. Treating loss of appetite

Have you been experiencing less hunger lately? Do you feel the lack of appetite from quite some time now? If yes, then try and chew a piece of ginger just before having the meal. This should be done at least 30 minutes prior to eating. It will stimulate the juices in the digestive system and make you hungry again. It is a perfect natural remedy for bringing back the appetite on the right levels.

2. Arthritis Cure

The anti inflammatory properties are one of the main things that ginger is known for. Be it the inflammation of the skin or that of the joints, it surely helps in reducing the problem along with cure of the swelling and the pain. Arthritis is nothing but an extreme level of inflammation of the joints. To treat arthritis in a simple and easy way, you can include ginger in the daily dishes as well as have ginger tea each day. It will surely relieve the pain and swelling and give you quite some room to breathe.

3. Common Cold and Flu Treatment

The anti histamine and decongestant properties of ginger is another of the beneficial aspects for the advantage of mankind. Common cold and flu as well as its symptoms can be easily relieved and gradually treated by including ginger in the dishes as well as in soups and broths. Another easy way to reap the benefit is to have 1-2 cups of ginger tea till the problem subsides completely. The prevalence of common cold as well as flu makes this benefit of ginger quite a useful one.

4. Keeps Away Nausea

Ginger can be used in many ways to cure this crisis of nausea. Though, it is one symptom that is mostly common in women who are pregnant, anyone who have any health ailment can also suffer from this sign. To treat nausea, the perfect idea is to prepare a cup of ginger tea. An added benefit comes in the form of treatment of vomiting tendencies. This is also applicable for people who have problems of motion sickness. They can have some ginger tea or chew on some ginger before travelling. It is also suitable for issues like air sickness.

5. Reduction of Menstrual Pain and Cramps

For women, an added advantage of ginger comes in the form of treatment for cramps and pain usually experienced during the menstruation time. This should however be taken just before the cycle is about to start. You can consume some ginger tea with some honey or else soak a cloth in warm ginger tea and use it as a compress on the abdomen. This helps in relaxing the muscles in the area and thus helps you achieve the desired goals.

6. Perfect for Diabetics

Diabetes is one of the most common problems faced by thousands and thousands of people around the globe. You will be happy to hear that for such a prevalent ailment, ginger is one of the ideal home remedies to keep the blood sugar levels in control. It also helps in boosting the effectiveness associated with insulin secretion. A glass of water with some ginger juice should be taken on empty stomach in the morning for this benefit.

7. Healthy Heart in a Healthy Body

Ginger is one of the best natural products for promoting good health of the heart and thus ensures a good health of the body as well. Ginger intake helps in reduction of bad cholesterol in the body also known as LDL and triglycerides. This also prevents al risks of blood clotting in the body. The manganese in the ginger helps provide good protection to the heart and also to the blood vessels. Even for something as simple as heartburn, you can have ginger tea 2-3 times in a day and resolve the crisis easily.

8. Prevention of Deadly Cancer

Best used in the prevention and treatment of ovarian cancer, ginger is yet another super food that fulfils this aspect effectively. Ginger powder either slows or completely destroys the cancer cells in the body. This is also valid for colorectal cancer. Ginger also has enzymes that can ward off the cancer cells of breast cancer, lung cancer, and prostate, pancreatic and skin carcinoma cancer. This is one of the top benefits for which thousands of people use ginger for.

9. Strengthens the Immune System

There are some highly powerful antioxidants present in ginger. These help in strengthening the immune system and make the body strong and resistant to various diseases and infections. It is only a weakened immunity that leads to illnesses in people. By preparing the body to fight the foreign particles and germs, you ensure complete protection to it. A strong immune system already makes you win half the war when it comes to a healthy body.

10. Relieves Stress and Relaxes

The calming and soothing properties of ginger help in relaxing the stiff muscles of the body as well as relieve the tension from the mind. The strong aroma as well as the healing properties of this natural product is responsible for this benefit. With the increasing challenges in work and personal life, more and more people have started complaining about the high levels of stress they have to undergo. Why don’t you include 2-3 cups of freshly prepared ginger tea in the daily diet and see how well it helps you keep stress at bay? This effective idea will also relax the body and the mind from the extreme tensions.

11. Anti Flatulence Benefits

Ginger is no doubt known for the carminative properties that help in easing out the gas from the body. This keeps away all the signs and problems associated with flatulence. These include bloating as well as gas. An easy way to treat the discomforting signs of flatulence is to chew on a piece of ginger or else have fresh ginger juice with lemon juice to get instant results.

12. Perfect Way to Keep Headaches at Bay

Make a fresh paste from ginger and apply it on the forehead. You will surely see how quickly the headaches including cases of migraines can be treated with such a simple idea. It relieves the pain as well as reduces the inflammation both of which cause the discomfort in the head. It also relaxes the blood vessels and thus gives you the best cure to the problem.

13. Respiratory Crises Treatment

Along with so much to deliver and so much to offer already, how can we miss out the benefits ginger has for respiratory problems? The antihistamine properties are what work on the issues to get you treatment. It prevents the air passage from contracting as well as ensures proper secretion of the mucus. Ginger juice mixed with honey and fenugreek is the ideal recipe for the cure of asthma allergies. It should be taken till the problem subsides completely.

14. To Add Flavour to Food

Ginger is one of the best spices to be used as ginger root or dry ginger powder in various dishes. The best part is that it adds amazing flavour to the food and also makes it smell great. These are the two important things that appeal anyone to a dish. Ginger has been used not only by Indians in various curries, soups and other important daily dishes but by a lot of cultures. It is surely worth a try. This is yet another positive side of ginger that you should be aware about.