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Top 15 Aphrodisiac Foods for Better Sex Drive

aphrodisiac-foodsNature has provided us with gifts that are precious and incomparable. Among them, there are foods that provide the body with nutrients that is much needed for good health. However, were you aware that there are some specific foods that can help you in achieving interesting goals? Yes! It’s true! One of the most significant ones here is the aphrodisiac qualities. To simplify, it means the foods that helps in improving the sex drive and libido among men and women and helping them have a great sex life.

Sex plays an integral part of any relationship and one need to have a good one with their mate to satisfy themselves and their love. It is best to go natural rather than adhering to artificial therapies that have side effects. These aphrodisiac foods are the best you can do to achieve the goals. Check this guide to know more about the best ones available for both men and women. These are the top 15 that you can incur in the daily meals to get desired outcomes.

Aphrodisiac Foods for Men



One of the top aphrodisiacs for men comes in a delicious package of dark chocolate. Yes, it might be surprising but it’s true! This is valid only for pure chocolate. There are some chemicals in this food that makes you feel good and stress free instantly. The food also helps in stimulation of serotonin in the brain that helps in relaxing the body and the mind. On the other hand, it also helps in release of phenylethylamine hat brings about the feelings of excitement and pleasure in men. This is known to enhance the sex drive in men.



According to professionals, the lack of zinc in the body negatively affects the performance in bed and also lowers the libido in men. Oysters simply provide the body with good levels of zinc that increases their sex drive and also promotes good health. So next time you indulge in sea food, do not forget to gulp down some oysters and see how well you feel the pleasure and desire of sex.



The shape itself gives us an idea about the organ we are talking about right now! Bananas have good levels of potassium that is an essential mineral for proper sexual feelings and of course to have healthy body and mind. Potassium strengthens the muscles of the body and thus gives you a better and more intense climax. Include a banana in the everyday diet to achieve this goal.



This is one of the common things in Japanese cuisine. However, whenever you get a chance, make sure you have some wasabi. How will this help you? It will increase your craving for sex and will help you perform better in bed. It is known to be made from the horseradish tree that is loaded with vitamins and minerals that improves blood circulation to important organs including the penis. This thus helps reach results that you want.

Chillies and Spices


This is one of the most easily accessible aphrodisiacs and therefore the most common. Available in all kitchens, spices definitely add to the sexual desire in men. Chillies and curry are the most famous ones that you can opt for. The spicier the food, the better will be the sexual desire. The effects of this aphrodisiac are just incomparable. Try and include them in the daily meals for regular benefits.



This is one divine herb that serves as an excellent aphrodisiac for men. Also known as the ‘man root’ this herb is the most powerful one where sexual enhancement is concerned. This also gives a man long lasting erection and intense climax as added benefits. However, the amount and the dose of ginseng should be consulted with a professional before actually including it in the diet.



This rich fruit that is loaded with antioxidants totally deserves to be in this group of aphrodisiacs. If one has it on a regular basis, there is an increase in the blood circulation levels even to the genital areas. It also protects the lining of the vessels of blood. The genital sensitivity that it provides finally leads to high levels of sexual desire in men as well as in women. Try and have either the fruit each day or have some fresh pomegranate juice to reach the goals.

Aphrodisiac Foods for Women

Red Wine


According to experts, red wine is one of the best aphrodisiacs for women. The liquid is known to have good quantities of resveratrol. This is an antioxidant and one that affects the levels of oestrogen in the female’s body. For your information, this hormone is one of the most important sex hormones in women. The good secretion of oestrogen means high levels of sexual desire. This is one alcohol that has a positive effect for women.



Good quality and organic honey is perfect for raising the stimulation of oestrogen in the body of women. By including honey in the daily meals, not only do you support good health and a fit body but also seems to increase your libido in the perfectly natural way. Try to substitute sugar with honey and it will help you lose weight as well.



For proper blood circulation in the body, ginger is a perfect natural food. This helps in proper blood flow to the organs including the sexual ones. Try and have some ginger in the dishes or have ginger tea. This will help you in better circulatory system and thus ensure that the genital areas are more sensitive and desire sex. It also helps as a mood booster and thus relaxes your mind when in bed.



Almonds belong to the category of nuts and are perfect where minerals are concerned. It helps in stimulation of women’s sex hormones if taken on a regular basis. It also helps in improving the psychological conditions of women where sex is concerned and make them relaxed in bed. As an added benefit, almonds are a natural treatment for infertility in women. This is a perfect aphrodisiac and one that should be a part of the routine for a lot many other reasons as well. Have about 6-7 almonds each day in the morning for maximum benefits.



The phallic shape of this vegetable is one of the reasons people get attracted to this food as an aphrodisiac. There might be a lot more other reasons but as per the professionals it has enzymes and nutrients that will help as a booster for sexual desire. Try it out today!



According to a lot many people, strawberries are one of the most exotic and the most erotic foods. Along with being tasty and juicy, the vitamin C levels in the fruits help in stimulating desires in women that they were never aware of. Try a handful of them and see how well it works. The smell only adds on to the romantic moment. This can be eaten just 1-2 hours before going to bed.



This is one natural aphrodisiac that acts as a natural stimulant. The fact that it boosts the blood flow to various organs including the genital areas is what helps you in achieving the aims successfully. This increases the performance as well as heightens the desires considerably. Tea and coffee are the two most common elements from the kitchen that is known to have good levels of caffeine. However, have it under a controlled environment since it has some negative aspects for the body as well.



The high levels of vitamins in carrots along with beta-carotene are required for the body to function properly and thus help in secretion of hormones in the right amount. This also includes the stimulation of sex hormones. It will only help the females to have a heightened sex desire. Include carrots in the diet as one of the best aphrodisiac and for a lot more advantages.

List of Aphrodisiac Foods

Apart from these top 15 aphrodisiac foods, there are a lot more that one should know about. These might not be in the best list, but will definitely help in increasing the libido.

The food list that is worth the mention here includes:

1. Mustard seeds
2. Pine nuts
3. Artichokes
4. Avocado
5. Cardamom
6. Basil
7. Goji Berries
8. Grapes
9. Mango
10. Cinnamon
11. Celery
12. Vanilla
13. Garlic
14. Aniseed
15. Fennel
16. Caviar
17. Arugula
18. Truffles
19. Beer
20. Gingko Biloba

To understand the nature of aphrodisiacs is very simple. It works in a much uncomplicated manner by providing the essential nutrients and antioxidants to the body that brings a positive change in two things: Sex hormones and Blood circulation. This finally leads to a high level of sexual desire and a happy love story!

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