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Top 20 Law Colleges in USA

Well law is a subject that might interest a very few percent of people but this profession makes you count in strength. People who generally like in-detailed study or in-depth study go for such professions however marking yourself in this huge competition world is not easy. You need to prepare a lot, you need to examine things or develop a look to view things in a ad vocative manner. One very common things said for lawyers is “they don’t believe on what they look they believe in what they don’t look”.

Some of these qualities are inside you and some of them are instructed to you by a good college. So as the law college is where your concern lies in this post I will be telling you some of the good law colleges in USA that can really give your career a good start.

Washington University in St. Louis

Washington University with its beautiful location provides top flight legal education. Keeping for this university as an option would be always good as there are lot of urban opportunities and a very low cost of living.

University of Minnesota—Twin Cities

This university with its top clinical programs in the country is the one of the top ideal law schools. Library of this school is the one recognized in the nation and the largest one and being the premier law school its looks for highly qualified candidates.

University of Southern California Gould School of Law

Like university of California this university too has a very good location and national reputation and is one of the finest legal educations on the west coast.

University of California—Los Angeles

Though this university is a newcomer but is ranked amongst the top 14 law schools in US. This law college with its wonderful location makes it a dream of people to study here. So before applying to any law college just go for some of the pre-law articles from this university.

Vanderbilt University

This university goes with southern principles like friendship, family, vivacity and an honesty day’s work. Nickname of this school is “vandy” which is very popular among students due to sense of satisfaction they get from the university.

University of Texas—Austin

If you are looking for employment in Texas itself going for this university would be a very good option. Even if your marks are not up to the mark you can prove yourself as providing diversified education is the only aim of this school.

Georgetown University

Well this university is known for its vast resources like clinics and journals that it offers to its students which are never short in supply. If you are all-rounded either on campus or in community this university is the one for you as its plays a big role in your selection process.

Cornell University

This university is known for its solid employment, and students here can take multiple subjects at a time like students interested in Labour law can also take part in interdisciplinary courses like Labour Relations.

North-western University

Well this university has a different lot of students mostly from an interesting background. Major emphasis by this school is on global enterprises and practical learning because if you want to stand in competition you need to be different.

Duke University

It is among the few elite schools in the Deep South and has a very high employment score. This law school is ranked 11th in the US news and the admission process is highly sensitive. You need to have excellent records.

University of Michigan—Ann Arbor

This law school is amongst the top 10 law schools and attracts students with the highest caliber each year. This school of law lives up to the hype as said by students.

University of California—Berkeley

This university with its beautiful campus offers a world class education. However the percentage of students admitted each year varies. In 2012 it was just 11%. This university with its law school considers all aspects from a student profile.

University of Virginia

This school is the oldest one in US and with its good location students enjoy learning here. In fact this college has been marked amongst one of the best places in the country to live. So if you are going for this school you are going to enjoy not only the learning part but the location too.

University of Pennsylvania

This university with its ultra-levy league brand and urban location attracts too many students every year. Because of the interdisciplinary focus and a collegial student body this university has marked its presence.

New York University

This university with its solid job placement programs in New York City and beyond is amongst the top 20 universities that has established itself in academics and like other universities this university too has ultra-selective admission process.

University of Chicago

Chicago is recognized for its intellectual institutional culture. This university with is small class sizes focuses on academic fosters. The opportunities after graduation are worth enough to go for this school.

Columbia University

This university law school is amongst the top ones in America with its outstanding reputation and the knowledge that this university impart to its students. Though Columbia University too has a very selective process.

Stanford University

Stanford law school is the world class one. Though admissions are not too easy as it is amongst some of the few black box ones i.e. very few applications are accepted. GPAs of the students in this college are always in competition with Harvard and Yale however it lies behind in LSAT stats.

Harvard University

Well this famous law school has always something new to do and someone new to meet. It is a big factory. Students imagine every possible carrier and research here. However admission process in Harvard is really streamlined.

Yale University

Some of the famous personalities like Bill and Hillary Clinton, President Ford and Supreme Court justices like Clarence Thomas have marked their identity in the world. This law school has always held the number 1 position and students from this college are recognized worldwide for their efficiency skills and distinctive knowledge.


To be a major face in the competition you need to be a graduate from a high end school. So prepare for the one and shine in the competition.