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Healthy & Delicious Smoothie Recipes

There is nothing better than a refreshing healthy drink on a hot summer day to cool down the temperature and to feel relaxed. Drinks have always been an integral part of the meals as well especially the breakfast. Apart from that, we try to create new and creative drinks when guests are over. Starting from the welcoming drink to something with the meals and post dinner/lunch, everything has a significance of its own.

However, with increasing dependence on aerated drinks and sodas, not only children but also adults are getting more and more addicted to these unhealthy drinks for the body. These not only add empty calories to the body and increase weight leading to obesity but also lead to health ailments especially weakening of the bones and the teeth. The best is to think of drinks that are not only healthy but also does not let you compromise on the taste.

There has been a lot of debate on this aspect and finally it has been proven that smoothies are one of the best drinks that can help in striking the balance between good health and delicious taste. By using milk as the base and mostly fresh fruits, it adds quite some nutrients to the body along with a flavour that takes you off your feet!

To help you with some great and easy smoothie recipes, we are here to help you out! Keep reading and you might just end up finding the perfect drink for yourself. Go on:

Raspberry and Avocado Smoothie

Along with giving you the benefits of vitamins and antioxidants of berries, this smoothie will also ensure unsaturated fats, fatty acids and proper nourishment to the body through avocados. This keeps the skin as well as the body in perfect working condition. It will add vitamin C to the body as well to strengthen immunity. What more? It will surely add a glow to the face!

How to Prepare:

Ingredients Bag:

Avocado: 1 peeled
Orange Juice: ¾ cup
Frozen Raspberries: ¼ cup
Raspberry Juice: ¾ cup

Mix in all the ingredients in the blender with a little crushed ice and blend it till smooth. This should be poured in a nice serving glass and served cold topped with a raspberry. It is a perfect combination of health and taste.

Spinach and Triple Berry Smoothie

The name itself gives you an idea about how healthy the smoothie can be. You have to drink it to believe that it is one of the tastiest options when it comes to healthy smoothies. Where on one hand spinach is a green leafy vegetable and adds essential minerals and antioxidants to the body along with fiber, on the other hand, the berries are perfect for vitamins and antioxidants and add a great taste to the drink.

How to Prepare:

Ingredients Bag:

Orange Juice: 1 cup
Frozen Strawberries: ½ cup
Frozen Blueberries: 1 cup
Frozen Raspberries: ½ cup
Spinach: 1 ½ cup
Honey: For Taste (optional)
Crushed Ice (optional)

Mix in all the fruits, orange juice and spinach in a blender till smooth. To this add 2 tablespoons of honey if required followed by some crushed ice. This should be blended for another minute and then poured in a tall glass. Sit and enjoy your drink in a relaxed ambience or maybe while watching your favourite movie!

Yummy Banana Spice Smoothie

Bananas has for always been one of the greatest super foods when it comes to providing the body with minerals especially potassium that helps in keeping heart diseases away, the blood pressure in check and the skin and hair health restored. Apart from that, bananas is perfect as an aphrodisiac and serves a good purpose of increasing the sexual desires in both men and women. Try this smoothie to know more!

How to Prepare:

Ingredients Bag:

Ripe Bananas: 2
Vanilla Kefir: 2 cups
Ground Cinnamon: ½ teaspoon
Ground Allspice: 1/8 teaspoon
Ground Nutmeg: 1/8 teaspoon
Ice cubes: 8-10

Combine the bananas, kefir, nutmeg powder, and allspice and cinnamon powder with ice in a blender and keep on blending it until it becomes smooth in texture. This should be poured in a glass and served immediately. It is one of the sweet and tasty banana smoothies but with a spicy edge to it. You will surely find two extreme tastes is every sip making it a highly overwhelming experience.

Refreshing Green Tea Smoothie

This is one of the smoothies that rarely someone must have heard about. However, it is definitely one of the rare and unique drinks that surely bring good health to you along with a good taste to go with it.

How to Prepare:

Ingredients Bag:

Frozen White Grapes: 3 cups
Baby Spinach: 2
Strong Brewed Green Tea: 1 ½ cups, cooled
Honey: 2 teaspoons
Avocado: 1, medium

Combine all the ingredients, white grapes, green tea, baby spinach, avocado and honey in a blender and keep on blending it into a smooth drink. This should be poured in a glass and served instantly. Take a sip and feel the freshening and rejuvenating nature of the smoothie. It will surely live up to your expectations.

Use two bags of green tea for making the tea strong but do not over steep the bags in the water as it will leave back a bitter taste. Take good quality green tea for the purpose.

Awesome Tropical Smoothie

Are you someone who loves mangoes? Is the crazy heat killing you? Do not worry and look into this perfect smoothie for warm tropical months to gear up the energy again! Along with a delicious and mouth watering taste, the fruits in this smoothie will meet the vitamin requirement of the body as well as give it the minerals that are essential for smooth body functioning.

Ingredients Bag:

Banana: 1, frozen
Ice Cubes: 1 cup
Mango: 1 cup, diced
Pineapples: 1 cup, diced
Peach Nectar: ½ cup

Slice the banana and put it in the blender followed by the mango, pineapple, ice and the nectar of peach. This should be blended until it turns smooth. Pour in a glass and serve chilled to your guests topped with mango slice.

Make sure you take the nectar of the peach fruit and not the juice. The former will help in maintaining the thickness of the smoothie. However, the latter will make the smoothie thin and not that tasty or enjoyable.

Mind Blowing Pomegranate Berry Smoothie

This is the perfect smoothie for those who loves fruits especially the juicy ones like berries and pomegranates. Where on one hand, the berries provide antioxidants, vitamins and minerals the same is done by pomegranates that also help in giving iron to the provide to treat anaemic conditions and has a variety of advantaged for good health.

How to Prepare:

Ingredients Bag:

Frozen Mixed Berries: 2 cups
Pomegranate Juice: 1 cup
Cottage Cheese: ½ cup, non fat
Banana: 1
Water: ½ cup

Put the mixed berries in the blender and blend for a second. To this add the pomegranate juice, banana, cottage cheese and water. Now mix it in the blender until it turns completely smooth. You can always add a little honey to this in case you feel that the taste is not up to your mark. Pour in a glass and serve it instantly. This is definitely one of the right recipes to have in your hand even for the guests.

Make sure the pomegranate juice is fresh and not the packed one that usually has preservatives and can hamper good health goals. Also, the cottage cheese can be prepared at home if you have time in hand. Use organic fruit for maximum health and seasonal fruits for maximum taste.

Sinful Choco & Soy Smoothie

Chocolate especially dark has good health benefits, serves as an aphrodisiac and also has loads of antioxidants to serve the skin and body with. Soy milk is a healthy option especially for those who are lactose intolerant as well as provide high levels of protein. This smoothie is a sinful delight, check out how!

How to Prepare:

Ingredients Bag:

Dark Chocolate: 7-8 small pieces, approximately 100 grams
Soy Milk: 1 cup
Brown Sugar: 2-3 teaspoons
Cream (optional)
Ice cubes: 4-5
Banana (optional)

Take dark chocolate pieces in a blender and blend it for 3-4 seconds. To this add the soy milk, brown sugar (you can also use honey) and cream and banana if you wish to as well as ice. This should be blended in the blender until it turns into a smooth drink. Pour it into a glass and top it with dark chocolate swirls before serving.

Banana and cream are only options that you can make use of. Cream makes the smoothie all the more delicious (if you do not have a hang up of adding calories!) and banana is perfect for minerals for the body.

These are some of the smoothest smoothies that you can indulge in without thinking twice and with lots of good health! Add at least one of the above mentioned smoothies with breakfast to see the wonderful outcomes.